The benevolent Maison Gavaldi: wedding dresses and cocktail dresses dedicated to large sizes

At Com’On Dress we always want more for our community, to make you discover Young Creators but also you sublimate according to your morphology, today we present you “Maison Gavaldi” a brand of wedding dresses and cocktails dedicated to Large Sizes:

The brand

Where does the name “Maison Gavaldi” come from?

Maison (Home) means caring, being pampered, listened to, loved
Gavaldi, even if it sounds Italian, this name has nothing to do with this beautiful country that is Italy. These are the first three syllables of my three children:
GAbriel – VALENTINE – DIna. They are my strength and it is a way to honour them.

Since when are you attracted to fashion and creation?

Since I was a little girl. As a child, I used to sew clothes for my dolls (I was 8 years old). As a teenager, I used to stick magazine photos of the top models of the Naomi, Cindy Crowford, Claudia Schiffer era on the wall of my room… and cut those of the catalogues to create my own podium!

How long has “Maison Gavaldi” been in existence?

It has been in existence since April 2018, but I have been working on it for a year.


What is the philosophy of “Maison Gavaldi”?

“Caring”. That’s the key word.
In our company, the customer is first and foremost a woman who comes to look for a product that she can’t find elsewhere, but also a listener. We are addressing women who for a very long time have heard that being round is not pretty, not feminine and so on. Here, we value women and their beauty in all its forms.

Describe in 3 words the style of your brand:

“Top of the range”, “sophisticated”, “modern”

What are your future plans?

To open in 4 years time a real workshop with workers to make my outfits.
Next March, I will exhibit in New York during the French Fashion Week.

Open shops in the Paris suburbs, and in several major cities.

How do you see the evolution of your brand in the future?

Quite positively. The large size is booming. The need is there and the offer is not sufficiently developed. I like to think that Gavaldi will be a pioneer in high-end/luxury large size fashion.


What are your inspirations, your favourite brands?

I really like the fashion of the 40s to 60s, feminine and masculine.
I love Dior, Siriano

What are your favorite fashion icons?

Maryline Monroe, Ashley Graham, Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Megan Markhle

Who are your 3 favorite creators?

In fact, I only have two: Christian Siriano! I love it. And Christian Dior, unstoppable!
Then there is a talented designer who makes beautiful wax outfits: Sanouyé

What are your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram?

Lalaa Misaki, Parmina (blush-me with Parmina), SimplYounique


What do you think is the essential clothing and accessory to have in your wardrobe?

A dress that looks great in the office during an important meeting and can also be worn for a cocktail (like Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress)

What are your shopping habits?

I mainly go to the designers where I make my own outfits. I don’t go to the stores anymore, since there’s never my size! So I have few clothes, but they are of high quality.

Thank you Carole for your answers!

Find the magnificent creations of Maison Gavaldi on the Com’On Dress website.

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