How to be fabulous by saving time?

The title is evocative and gave you the desire to know more,…but in what category of people are you?

There are 2 types of people:

  • “morpho…what?” If this word doesn’t mean anything to you despite its recurrent use lately, you do well to have been curious to venture on this article in order to be able to choose even better the outfits which will sublimate you.
  • On the contrary if you already know your body type as well as that of your friends and well you do well to come to confirm your knowledge and to share this article with your friends so that they know as much as you do!

With this article, don’t waste any more time buying clothes that don’t show you off, save time and be sublime!!!

Below are the different known morphologies, which one is yours?

Body Type A

Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and your waist is narrower than your hips.

The secret is to draw the eye to your assets: the bust! And yes, so tight tops and necklines with a pretty V-neck are yours.

Body Type V

Your hips are narrower than your shoulders.

To harmonize your figure, you need to enhance your legs and cover your shoulders.

Body Type H

Your shoulders, waist and hips are in the same alignment, your waist is not or slightly marked.

So choose clothing models that tighten the axis on the middle of the body, with a fitted top (heart-shoulder, V-neck)

Body Type X

Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment, your waist is thin or marked.

It’s best to accentuate the upper or lower body to subtly emphasize the shapes, but if you’re comfortable the total tight look suits you perfectly.

Body Type I

You have narrow hips and small breasts, and your waist is little or not marked, your silhouette is very thin and filiform.

The clothes that will bring volume to your body type are to privilege in top as in bottom, the shiny and textured materials will be a good way to feminize your silhouette and bring her some fullness if you’re small. In terms of prints, patterns and other volumes, you can afford it, top or bottom.

Body Type 8

You are like the body type X: Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your waist is thin or marked.

Emphasize your marked waist and opt for tops or dresses with thin straps with V neckline to sublimate your chest.

Body Type O

The round woman should emphasize her beautiful curves, we often advise black but dare the color, as the very glamorous red, but preferably in “color block”.

Avoid large contrast patterns, prefer preferably 3/4 sleeves minimum, the ideal, especially if you have a generous chest, is to opt for the square collar. It will considerably lengthen the silhouette. Prefer the fluid and vaporous fabrics to sublimate your curves.

Whatever your body type is : O, I, H, V, A, X or 8, only one observation: You are fabulous!

Thanks to Com’On Dress and our selection of designers I hope to bring you nice advices.

Michelle Obama said:

“If I can make an impact, I want women to feel good about who they are and have fun with fashion.”

So what body type do you recognize yourself in? We welcome your comments 🙂

I invite you to read my first blog article, explaining how I came up with the idea of Com’On Dress, I’m sure it will bring back good memories 😉

Enjoy your reading


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