BomBom, the new lingerie that enhances feminine intimacy

With Com’On Dress, each woman is advised on her clothes according to her morphology, we have decided to take the next step in terms of personalization and we also advise you on your lingerie, every woman knows that beyond having beautiful clothes is good but in addition having beautiful lingerie that enhances the shapes is even better! The “BomBom” brand dresses and enhances feminine intimacy by offering a new aesthetic: a seductive and shimmering lingerie.

The brand

Where does the name “BomBom” come from?

“BomBom” is a new French lingerie brand for lovers of glamorous lingerie with sparkling colours. These chic and colourful lingerie, handmade by French craftswomen, sublimate the generous and sexy shapes

Because beauty is revealed in curves and colours, this first capsule collection offers bras, shorties, tangas and high panties.
In homage to the sensual curves of women, the name BomBom has become a matter of course. BomBom is the heady and sensual rhythm of a female figure. A confident, vibrant and confident approach.

Since when does your brand exist?

Since October 2017 but the idea of the brand hatched in 2015, when the desire to offer a precious set of jewellery in bright colours in order to sublimate a coloured skin could not be completed, due to a lack of sufficient choices on the market.
It is in this spirit of generosity, of willingness to offer the best that Bom Bom offers all women a sensual and luminous lingerie.


What is the philosophy of your brand?

Like today’s women, the BomBom universe represents femininity, sensuality, impertinence and audacity, and wishes to accompany women in the highlights of their lives.

BomBom wishes to bring a new breath of fresh air to the world of French lingerie through a creative and identifiable production, its collections and its visual communication.

For this first collection, the high standards, creativity, attention to detail and the highest quality finishes were the guiding principles for the creation of this collection.

Describe in 3 words the style of your brand:

“Creative”, “impertinent”, “sexy”


What are your future plans?

We hope to open a bombom shop.

How do you see the evolution of your brand in the future?

We are moving forward day by day with a lot of positivity for the future!


What are your inspirations, your favourite brands?

Aubade, Passionnata

What are your favorite fashion icons?

Beyoncé, Flora Coquerel, Tariji p Henson

Who are your 3 favorite creators?

I love fashion loves and respects the work of all designers

What are your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram?

Black beauty bag, @theblackpinup


What do you think is the essential clothing and accessories to have in your wardrobe?

A beautiful lingerie, a beautiful bag and beautiful shoes.

Thank you Christel for these answers!

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